Vanishing Knowledge is an upcoming film based on a true story of a small community in Linton, North Dakota who are working tirelessly to save one of America’s oldest treasures, the Nokota® Horse. These horses were not only familial to the Lakota Tribe, but revered for their compassionate spirit, highly adaptable personality and their successful social system.

Lakota Sioux Chief Sitting Bull was remembered for the fearless defense of his native land and his people, and in 1876 prophesied their victory in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Five years later in efforts to weaken the native tribe, the U.S. Army both ceased and slaughtered their horses.

Over a century later, brothers Frank and Leo Kuntz have spent their lives trying to keep and celebrate the exceptional wisdom preserved in the Nokota® herd. With only about 800 Nokota® horses alive worldwide, the fate of this ancient, unique breed is threatened.

Learn the stories of the people whose lives have been transformed by the same horses they are fighting to save.

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Directed by Ejaz Khan



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