Monkeys are our closest biological relatives, and they make for fabulous photography subjects with their mischief and social nature. Here, I photograph two members of the family: Langurs and lion-tailed macaques. Below the photos, you will find more details of the monkey, and how climate change is affecting them.


There are endless places where you can find fine art black and white photography. There is such a wide range of pictures of monkey artwork, beautiful monkey pictures, monkey profile pictures, and photos of monkeys to be found online. It feels like having open access to galleries of cute monkey images and pictures of monkeys for sale from around the world from the comfort of your own home. But the connection to the monkey’s images, the artist, and also its history should play the biggest role. When going through pics of monkeys and the photos of any fine art black and white photography collection, you must keep in mind the following questions. Are you feeling a sense of peace and also happiness with the artwork? What memories are you reliving when you look at pictures of monkeys or a picture of a monkey? Do beautiful monkey pictures and monkey profile pictures speak to you?


The image you pick for your wall should take up between “two-thirds” to “three-quarters” of the wall space. It’s best to hang photos and pics of monkeys above the bed or couch “three quarters” the width of the furniture it is hanging above. Wall photos that don’t fill most of the wall can leave a space feeling empty and also it’s not a good design idea. Larger pictures of monkeys have more impact, make your walls stand out. Take a look at our Wildlife Wall Art for decor inspiration with monkey pictures, and monkey profile pictures. as well as our popular Bear Wall Decor.

Monkey stock photos and beautiful monkey pictures don’t cut it when wanting to create a bang for any picture of a monkey. Make sure to think carefully about where on the wall you will display the photos and pics of monkeys; always listen to your heart.


Some of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom are part of a group of nearly 200 species of primates like in our pics of monkeys. Monkeys and pictures of monkeys are easily identified by their tails and also narrow chests which can be seen in the above monkey photos and pics of monkeys. Comparing a monkey picture to those of apes or even humans shows that while we all are somewhat similar, chimps and humans are the closest relatives. Monkeys tend to have flat faces with a soft muzzle, and also walk on all four limbs documented in our monkey photo collection and pictures of monkeys. However, when they sit upright, their arms are freed and they are able to carry out more advanced tasks. We had so much fun taking monkey photos, we want you to feel that same fun energy.

Most monkeys in the cute monkey photos live in tropical forests and typically live in groups called troops. Most monkeys are arboreal, meaning that they spend most of their lives in trees, where they use their long limbs to swing between trees and allow us to shoot a picture of a monkey. The Black and white monkey picture of these animals swinging in action can be breathtaking. However, when they are on the ground, monkeys use the full sole of their feet to walk like in a pic of a monkey titled MOTHER. Our Baby Monkey Pictures are very sentimental to many members of our audience. They very rarely walk bipedally, that is on just two legs, but they can stand straight for short periods of time.


Those in our cute monkey photos and pictures of monkeys for sale are primate animals. They mostly depend on leaves and also fruits for sustenance. The CLIMATE CHANGE which leads to El Nino and La Nina events is affecting these primates more because it decides the availability of this sustenance. These events lead to flooding, severe drought, and also storms. This leads to a scarcity of food and also water. This, in turn, is a pathway of new diseases that would affect the cute creature in our image of a monkey.

While most monkey pictures depict them eating only bananas, these animals are omnivores just like humans. The vegetarian side of their diet consists of nuts, fruits, seeds, and also flowers. Monkeys will consume meat in the form of bird’s eggs, small lizards, insects, and also spiders. Our fine art PRINTS creates pictures of monkeys with an awareness to protect these beautiful creatures from around the world like the horses in our American Wall Art.


We often think of ourselves as separate from the animal kingdom. In many ways, we are greatly different from much of the fauna in the world. However, it is very difficult to refute that humans and primates are very closely related. If we go back in time about 25 million years, we see that there were monkey-like primates that lived in trees. These primates would later go on to evolve and give rise to humans, apes, and modern monkeys. By just taking a look at monkey pictures and also videos, we can see the similarities we share.

The deep eyes, wrinkled faces, and expressive mouths mirror our own and also look remarkable in black and white monkey pictures. By looking at the similarities we share, we can see how our own species evolved. Tracking the progression of the rise of modern-day humans over 25 million years is quite the feat. Without any written record, our only clues were gathered from fossils and also studying primates. Until recently scientists have only had the behavior and physiology of monkeys and apes. Now, there is a newer and also more detailed record of our shared pasts, genetics. Monkey stock photos, pictures of monkeys, films, books, and also more have documented these amazing creatures of wildlife.


Monkeys, like us, possess large brains and have exceptional intelligence. Black and white monkey pictures can really highlight the cognitive sophistication they mirror in their eyes. This combined with their opposable thumbs and greater vision gives them a great range of activities. Like humans, they are able to carry out complex tasks and some have been able to create and also use tools. Monkeys are excellent problem solvers and have been known to learn and also grow from their mistakes. However, they are still not as cognitively advanced as the great apes.

Unlike their great ape relatives, monkeys are not as adept at learning from the experiences of others. Individual monkeys can sometimes learn new behaviors, like gathering more food, that can be beneficial to the whole troop. Once a few individuals learn this new behavior, they can spread it to others and also change the collective culture. Monkey pictures that capture the family-like nature of these animals can really highlight how similar they are to us. Socially, even these animals long for companionship and also community just like we do. Just like bald eagle in flight images are symbolic in the USA, monkeys have a very strong presence in many cultures and regions around the world.


Monkeys have a long history in human culture. We are, of course, inexorably linked by evolution: We share a lot of traits — biological and societal. The Monkey family is quite large and I have photographed two types of our primate cousins. Langurs are mostly gray, with a black face and ears. They are capable of incredible heights while jumping either vertically or horizontally. The Lion-tailed macaque is a monkey found in the hills of South India. It’s so named because of a black tuft at the end of its tail — similar to those of lions. Its most characteristic feature, of course, is its mane — another feature it shares with the King of the Jungle! It is territorial, social, and also aggressive — all fantastic ingredients for photographing monkey pictures.

Monkey pictures for sale and videos shot in South India.


These monkey photographs make for ideal decor, for home, office, or establishment. They are available to order in a variety of sizes, print material, and also framing options. Part of the sale amount goes towards organizations that help preserve these magnificent beasts from the effect of climate change. These drastic changes in weather patterns can be seen from the Arctic all the way down to Chile where I captured Puma Photos.

Are you looking for pictures of the most human-like animal? Browse through our gallery of the best monkey pictures. Monkey stock photos don’t have the same feeling as our exclusive fine art photos. All of the images can be purchased by simply contacting us and we will send you fine art photography pricing details.


I have always believed in giving back. When I began to realize how much damage has been done to the animals and the planet due to climate change, I knew I had to do something. The direction led me to conservation groups.

As a fashion photographer, I pay the models in my images. In wildlife, I can not pay the animals in our fine art photos for sale. So to give back, I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations such as the Wolf Conservation Center, and World Animal Protection.

Ejaz is known for his horse photo and horse in snow images, but he loves to photograph monkeys as well. A percentage of the sale of these monkey pictures is donated to these organizations. So when you buy photos from Ejaz Khan Earth, not only do you get inspiring photos of some of nature’s finest creatures on your walls, but you will also be helping them. Contact us today for pricing details on your favorite photos.


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*A percentage of proceeds from Khan’s exhibits and sales goes to foundations that support the awareness and conservation of wildlife.

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