How to Create Stunning Wall Art with Black and White Animal Pictures


Having Black and White animal pictures, black and white animal prints, and animal close up pictures on your walls as art decor gives a clean, classy, and elegant look. Baby animal pictures for the nursery and animal profile pictures along with animal kingdom pictures and random animal pictures should be considered Though classy it’s still very easy to place in any color rooms or around any furniture. This collection of black-white animal photos, fine art wildlife photography, black and white animal prints, close up animal pictures, or for that matter any black and white animal art completes rooms or offices and also adds a sophisticated, luxurious vibe.



Black And White Animal Pictures And Contemporary wall art Art

They also say that art often imitates life. But what about when art captures life? As with pictures of animals in black and white.

For example, when shooting black and white wildlife images and black and white animals the photographer is primarily painting with light which qualifies these photos as contemporary art photography, black and white animal art or fine art. You can’t just set the DSLR to Auto and expect to create amazing animal images, home wall decor, and animal photography for sale as a result. Knowing when to close the shutter, pick perfect settings for exposure, compose, and make it yours is both an art form and science for fine art wildlife photography and black and white pictures of animals. Patients must be given when capturing each black and white animal photo and all pictures of black and white animals. It has been in development for over one hundred years — and continues to be perfected and also developed to this day. Our fine art photography, home wall decor, black and white animal pictures, as well as black and white animals, are well balanced in composition and also raw emotion, as seen in our cougar animal pictures and our puma animal pictures.

Black and White Animal Pictures Wall Art Decor

We offer an extensive collection of Black and White animal images including close up animal pictures and even cougar as well as puma animal pictures to perfectly fit your space. View our gallery of homes, offices, & more featuring our fine art photography prints. You can choose our animal photo black and white as well as our full-color photo prints. Our most popular series is our winter animal images which include Arctic Wolves, Arctic Fox, and also Musk Oxen. If you need some home decor ideas and want to see them close up, view our blog with interior design photos.


Do you remember watching old black and white movies when you were younger? Those movies showed the world in a different light, one where color was removed. Still, we cherish that cinematography as much as that from modern films. This color palette lent a timelessness that we still celebrate today through black and white wall art. It’s a style that has never gone out of style and likely never will.

While black and white photography started out of necessity. Photographers didn’t have other options. Color photography would only come to the scene in 1907. Yet photographers still opt for this today even when we have the most vibrant color photography to date.


There’s nothing quite like the sophistication of black and white wall art, animal close up pictures, and especially animal images. There aren’t vibrant colors and hues to tell the story, but the subtleties of monochromatic images do the same. Soothing colors and images of nature, as well as fine art wildlife photography, maintain the serenity of your home. The simplicity of black and white art helps to establish a calm environment. The muted color palette puts more focus on the subject and doesn’t draw your attention to it. Experience the relaxation of nature in our short video

When it comes to designing the interiors of a space, black and white wall art is a versatile option. One of the big advantages of this kind of photography is that the colors of the art don’t compete with those of the area. You have the freedom to decorate the rest of the space without being shackled to a color scheme. You can focus on the imagery itself and also the subject being portrayed. The absence of color may seem boring at first glance, but black and white art focuses on the narrative instead.

Bedroom Art with Animal Pictures

When thinking about where to put up art, it can be useful to think of the energy a pic brings close up to us. Photographers aim to capture powerful moments and pictures of beautiful animals to create this energy. Bedroom wall art, for example, shouldn’t be excessive or loud. It’s better to opt for soothing pieces that keep your mind at ease. We’re mentally vulnerable right as we wake up and before going to bed. You can start your day off to a bad start if your morning routine is stressful. Similarly, it can be easier to fall asleep if your environment is calm. Bedroom wall art and animal photography for sale can play a big role in shaping this environment. Bedrooms are the most personal rooms in a home. The right bedroom wall art and black and white pictures of animals can embody a sense of tranquility and relaxation. There’s nothing more valuable than your own peace. So it’s understandable that people choose calming images for this space.such as black and white animals.

Dining Room Wall Art

Another area where you tend to unwind and relax is where you eat. While families are eating in front of the TV more, the dining area can be a place to unwind. At the end of the day, it can be cathartic to sit down and relax with your meal. Dining room wall art like black and white pictures of animals can help bring this space together. While it might not replace a TV, dining area wall art and wildlife pictures for sale can add to the ambiance and make the space more inviting.

Living Room Wall Art

Conversely, you can also use living room wall art to feel content or motivate you to power through your day. Living rooms are areas of life, energy, and personality. Pieces that mirror and radiate these help to establish such qualities. Images portraying action, movement, or bold shapes and black and white animals are great ways to achieve this. Living room wall art offers this and it’s no surprise that many people love the energy it brings. What’s unique about black and white photography is that it focuses on the subject more. Without being bombarded by colors, the energy of the images can shine. Need home decor ideas, visit

All Black and White Wildlife Stock Photos Have A Unique Story

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, our black and white animal images are attached to an unforgettable experience and an animal with an undeniable story. So much information can be known when looking at a photo. We’ve encountered many animals when taking our fine art photos that some people would consider dangerous and also enjoyed magical moments with some of the most serene wildlife. We’ve photographed bison, wolves, lions, monkeys, bird images, and baby horses

If you are interested in our black and white animal photography for sale, simply contact us with your name and desired fine art photography print.

Black and White Pictures of Animals Are Classic and Timeless

When in the process of decorating with amazing animal images — whether it’s a living room, home office, doctors office, child’s room, a nursery for boys and girls, or even an upscale restaurant, it’s important that statement pieces and fine art pictures match the aesthetic and bring the right energy into space. No matter what your color scheme is, bringing black and white animals photos into space will add an incredibly, classy and also chic vibe that won’t be too distracting or obnoxious like a colorful painting could be. It would be up to you if you wanted to make the art the focal point of your space or if you want it to kind of blend into the background and also be more subtle. Our gallery of animal images fits perfectly in your home.

Choosing the right Black and White Animal Picture

When choosing black and white wall decor it’s important to select a photograph that makes you say wow immediately, when you see it and then as you continue to look at it should make you feel something more complex and special. You can easily find your favorite work of art in our large collection of black and white animal photography for sale.

When there’s no color to play with, the light becomes the brush stroke. It changes the way you think about light. The direction of the light, the quality of the light, and also the quantity of the light allowed in the picture all lend to the story the image is telling. Being limited to a world without color forces you to see things differently. It strips the image down to its bare bones and also allows you to see it true to its core. Taking color out of the picture (literally) eliminates distractions from the subject and its raw nature. Bring Black and White animal images into your home and feel nature come to life. Enjoy this video about the beauty of nature

An Undeniable Luxury Feel

Black and white wall decor provides a much deeper emotional connection close up than an image with tons of color which makes for a higher-end feel. While bright, colorful photos can make you excited and bubbly, an image stripped of color makes a bolder, more intense statement, especially at first glance. When the color is removed, the image becomes purely about connection and the viewer/subject relationship. It’s incredible how one image with only shades of grey can evoke intense emotions from a viewer depending on the image’s subject, contract, tone, shape, and also texture. From a picture of a tiny bird to a large elephant, nobody is left behind.

This is why monochrome fine art animal photos on greyscale are a particularly smart investment to use as decoration. With their luxury feel, you can always find a home for a classic image. You can also see and feel our black and white pictures of wild animals in person at our fine art exhibitions. Ejaz Khan Earth Images capture the essence of love and also the spirit of wildlife. Our animal photography black and white is perfect for animal lovers and art collectors. View our newest blog article HOW TO CREATE STUNNING WALL ART WITH BLACK AND WHITE ANIMAL PICTURES

When Art Captures Life in Black and White Wildlife Images

All in all, it’s important for photographers, the art community, and audiences around the world who consume information and content online to acknowledge the art form that is black and white photography. The history behind it, the techniques involved in painting with light and also playing with greyscale, the composition, the form, and the patterns, etc. Black and White animal images don’t go out of style, it doesn’t get old, and you don’t get tired of looking at it. In fact, every time you look at a black and white image you’ll discover something new. You might feel a new emotion or notice something different about the composition and also light in the photo. Either way, you will come to appreciate the depth of intention. Also, the connection behind each and every black and white image produced, printed, or displayed. See more of our fine art IN LIVING ROOMS.

So next time you’re looking for a black and white photo, pay us a visit! All of our amazing animal pictures are available for print by request in museum-quality, large or small, so you can share your favorite black and white pictures with everyone around you. We have different categories to match everyone’s taste and style. Our animal photography black and white come in different sizes to fit all rooms in your home. Make a bold statement with Ejaz Khan Earth animal images black and white!

The Story Behind Our Black and White Pictures of Animals

Black and White Horse Pictures

Most of our horse images were captured in Wyoming, Beaufort, North Carolina, and also Camargue, France. The strength, beauty, and also gentleness of the horse are really captured in these fine art images of horses. Wild horses like our Running Horses photo have inspired me to truly embody these qualities and also share them with others to bring awareness to this gorgeous, yet fragile animal. This is such a rare image of a horse biting another horse by the neck and throat area. This image will surely set the mouth of someone drop in awe. All the fine art horse photo prints and our large collection of black and white pictures of wild animals come in five sizes with or without framing. Imagine one of these black and white animal images hanging in your foyer or kid’s rooms! What a truly awe-inspiring experience to come home to. Ejaz Khan’s equine fine art photography is the signature subject of his animal pictures black and white collection.


Arctic Wolf Pictures

My arctic wolf pictures are from an expedition in the Canadian north. It was a very rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I spent nine days in freezing cold weather to experience the energy of the beautiful arctic wolf vividly, up close in order to bring back photos that stand out, inspire, and wow every time a viewer lays eyes on them. Though all of my contemporary art photography has the intention of inspiring and motivating others, these photos are particularly special to me since I had the privilege to get as close as seven feet away from these majestic animals to snap these pics of art.

Arctic Fox Pictures

Whether arctic fox pictures are considered wildlife photography or not is subjective. The arctic fox in our winter animal pictures is so cute they look like you could have one as a pet at home! Firstly, it’s hard to believe you’re looking at a wild animal and not a stuffed one. But, having an understanding that no matter how cute and gentle an animal appears to be, we must still take the same precautions we would with a more traditionally “dangerous” wild animal. These wildlife images of the arctic fox were taken in the Canadian Arctic and also Svalbard. Check out our latest images of interior design for tips and ideas.

Musk Oxen Pictures

These photographs of the musk oxen were taken in Norway. Taking pictures in the snow is one of the most enjoyable experiences for me. However, capturing an image of musk oxen in the snow can get tricky. Because their dark coat paired with a snow-covered face gets very difficult to exposure. The musk oxen is a mysterious and also moody animal that makes for the perfect model for our contemporary photography animal collection.

Black and White Reindeer Pictures

We know what you might be thinking. Reindeer are real animals? Does Rudolph the red nose reindeer exist? Yes, they are! As soon as you hear the word reindeer, it makes you think of Christmas. Which is the most highly anticipated holiday of the year here in the United States? We can practically taste the gingerbread just thinking about it! This was also a major first for us. It was not planned, it just sort of happened during our trip to Svalbard. Capturing black and white pictures of wild animals can be extremely tricky. We were there to photograph polar bears and also happened to come across these beautiful reindeer. As a result, this black and white animal picture has been added to our contemporary art photography collection. We offer a wide selection of black and white wall art based on your choice of size and finish. View more reindeer pictures at

Black and White Bison Pictures

The Bison is America’s national mammal. These historic creatures are majestic and also spiritual in nature. They are even more beautiful in the snow. When they run or butt heads it makes for very dramatic fine art wildlife images.

My favorite place to photograph them is in Yellowstone National Park. Once you take a look at our black and white wall art gallery, you will want to go and experience the same. Make an appointment today for your black and white wall decor.


Black and White Baby Lion Pictures

Witnessing a baby lion in real-time, right before your eyes will completely melt your heart. This experience left me feeling hypnotized and also beyond grateful. Staying mindful of the vulnerability these little lions face and the dangerous scenario I had placed my selves in, I had to keep some distance. But these baby lions were so curious that they ran up to me, giving me an opportunity to photograph them up close. Like a cat or dog, they look like pets but they are certainly not. Our black and white photos of wild animals are simply unique and also full of emotion. These pics of art make for beautiful black and white wall decor in a kid’s room, nursery, or home office!

Black and white Mountain Lion Photography

Going on an expedition to capture contemporary fine art photography takes a lot of preparation. Unfortunately, no amount of planning can prepare anyone for a walk alongside a wild mountain lion. Just like the tiger, they are part of the cat family. While in Chile preparing to take images for our animal wall art gallery, looking at the landscape, it became clear that the end product should be black and white fine art animal photos. This mountain lion was sleeping when I first approached her. She woke up and also saw I was 15 feet away from her. She allowed me to stay with no threat. Later she took a walk and she didn’t mind that I followed her. Moments like these will make you fall totally in love with wildlife photography and also nature. Our animal wall art is the perfect addition to any home.

Black and White Monkey Pictures

Monkeys are some of the most expressive animals we’ve encountered which makes for beautiful black and white wall decor. They also share 96% of their DNA of a human. Can you imagine what an experience it is to interact with these intelligent creatures! These two monkeys in our black and white photos of wild animals were taken in southern India. You can visit our blog to learn more about these monkeys. Contact for price inquiry on our animal images black and white as well as for interior design photos of our client’s home.

Black and White Bear Pictures

My bear photographs are taken at Lake Clarke Alaska, these are some of the first wildlife photos I captured. When starting my wildlife photography career, I was so new, that I didn’t even think about the dangers of getting close to them. All I had was pepper spray and also my camera. I am very pleased with my images. Enjoy these amazing grizzly bears and their cubs in our black and white wall art bear collection.

Bald Eagle Pictures

Wild salmon travel up to Haines, Alaska every November to spawn. And approximately 3000 bald eagles meet to feast on these salmon. It’s mesmerizing — the beautiful sight of bald eagles with snow-covered mountains makes for incredible contemporary fine art photography. Whether office, home, or business location, let out pictures of interior design inspire the perfect vibe for your space.

Snowy Owl Pictures

Snowy owl pictures might seem a bit new on my art photography website, as I haven’t had much opportunity to create snowy owl images. I was able to shoot these images during my last trip to Canada. I was expecting the weather to be cold when taking snowy white owl pictures and also unforgiving as usual. View the collection at

Pictures of Birds

View our stunning collection of beautiful pictures of birds photographed in Florida. This one of a kind fine art images capture the beauty and elegance of nature’s most precious birds. Let our pictures of interior design guide you when decorating your home with a bird pic.


These black and white wildlife images are ideal decor for home, office, restaurant, or studio space. Our vast collection of beautiful animal images are available in a variety of sizes, print material, and also framing options by request only. Get black and white wall decor through our CONTACT page.

As fashion photographers, we pay the models. (Visit Ejaz Khan Photography fashion website) As a wildlife photographer, we can not pay the animals. So we’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations to do our share of GIVING BACK. A portion of the proceeds is donated to organizations that work to preserve animals from the effects of climate change and other natural issues. If you are interested in animal pictures black and white, as well as in color, simply contact us at

View more of our SHORT FILMS of the extreme expeditions we take to capture these amazing black and white animal photos. Visit our WILDLIFE BLOG for more amazing stories. Each animal images black and white is special to us, enjoy!

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Choose from our stunning collection of animal images at your desired size and framing options. Our exclusive art can not be found anywhere else like Getty images or other sites that sell stock photos. Contact us at for more information.

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