Humans and horses have co-existed since the beginning of time in an interdependent relationship. The domestication of horses allowed humans to speed up productivity at every level and horses became a crucial element in the advancement of our civilization. Above and beyond just their utilitarian nature, humans fell in love with the innate strength, beauty, and also immense power that horses possess. This love translated into the need to creatively depict horses as an irreplaceable part of the community and also the home.

First, we found horse images and illustrations in caves, and eventually, following the camera revolution, black and white horse photography and also in color became a staple statement on our walls.


When we love horses and want to express our unique personality through them, we must select amazing horse wall art that speaks to us, and also more importantly, to our soul. Therefore the key to choosing the perfect horse wall art is listening to what the picture makes you feel. Each picture is like an individual personality: they can be loud or soft, sad or happy, solitary, or busy. It is more an intuitive pursuit than an intellectual one. The horse pictures you truly love will allow you to express yourself without speaking. People will know who you are by looking at the wall art you display in your home or office. So it may take time to select the right horse images for you but when you do it should be a reflection of you!



Black and white horse photography and contemporary wall art go hand in hand. Contemporary wall art is such a popular term nowadays that people tend to use it without understanding its meaning.

In the world of art, these are technical terms that mean different things. Contemporary art is simply art that has not had the time to age or get classified. Contemporary Art is alive right now because the artists who create it are as well. It’s electric because it is in motion, continuously evolving. You won’t feel the same energy when looking at ordinary horse stock photos compared to the fine detail in our images. You have a very personal reaction to contemporary art because no one has identified the structure it will evolve into. Therefore, choosing and putting contemporary wall Art in your home or office comes from instinct, and how its presence compliments the rest of the room ambiance.

Fine Art Images of Horses

From classic rock and roll to elegant poetry, horses are being praised and celebrated. While they have retired from utilitarian purposes years ago, today they are still highly regarded as cultural icons, symbolizing power, an image of freedom, and the American spirit.

We honor their beauty as shown in our black and white up close horse head photos and admire their strength in the more fluid photos showcasing power and elegance. We should treat these beautiful animals well and also celebrate all that they have given us.

Humans and Horses — a picture, a video, and a relationship.

It is true that a photograph speaks a thousand words. Old black and white horse photography prints too can speak of the long co-dependent relationship between humans and horses. As humans evolved, the horse has been with us shoulder to shoulder as a building block for humanity. The horse helped with transportation, farming, war, sports — you name it. It has been so intertwined with a human civilization that we even measure the power of the engine based on its strength — horsepower! Our fine art horse pictures display just that — their great power and majesty.


Conservation: Our Horse Photography Creates Awareness.

I have learned how our wild horses are being treated in America. We must take action to help these beautiful animals. As a fashion photographer, I pay the models when I shoot an editorial. As a wildlife photographer, I cannot pay the animals in our equine pictures. So to give back, I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations, such as The Wolf Conservation Center, and World Animal Protection. A part of all equine photography print sales goes to one of these organizations for them to do what they do best. So when you buy horse art prints of any size from Ejaz Khan Earth, you are helping these animals. We welcome you to invite your friends, family, and fellow equine lovers to enjoy our black and white images also available in gorgeous color.

Best Places to Photograph Horses

Horses are fabulous subjects for fine art photography and also art. One can capture their social interactions, movements, playfulness, and also winding down moments. A black and white horse photograph of stallions and wild horses is one of my biggest inspirations as a photographer. I especially love capturing images of horses running through water and snow. My team and I are always exploring innovative ways of taking photos from angles never seen before. We update our online gallery to keep it fresh. It’s simple to buy art photography through our site, contact us for all details. You are able to choose your desired size and are available unframed or face-mounted on plexiglass. Whichever style of image you choose, you will love the results. We shoot in North Dakota, Wyoming, Norway, North Carolina, and France.

There are so many beautiful horses in our world. Each horse breed is majestic and so graceful. These awe-inspiring creatures make lovely subjects for photographers. We hope you enjoyed these top tips for taking horse images!


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” — Winston Churchill

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