Horse Photography Coffee Table Book by Ejaz Khan


In the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege to travel the world and photograph the most beautiful and rarest wildlife. Today, I am honored to share with you my collection of fine art horse photography curated in a special coffee table book. With stunning images of the world’s most beautiful horses that will leave you in awe of this magnificent animal. This book is a celebration of man’s oldest and most loyal COMPANION, the horse.

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Book Specs

loyal COMPANION | A Fine Art Horse Photography Book by Ejaz Khan is a premium 9-inch x 12-inch hardcover coffee table book consisting of 150+ pages with 77 stunning horse images. Each page is printed using high-definition printing processes. The unique paper is designed specifically to display a high dynamic range that makes these horses leap out of the pages. It has taken 15 years to accumulate this body of work that I am so proud and honored to share with you all to enjoy for years to come.

77 Rarest Horse Images from Around the World

  • Camargue Horses of France
  • Nokota Horse Breed of North Dakota
  • Horses in Snow of Wyoming
  • and much more

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Love, Passion, and Friendship

They have stood by our side, supported, and followed us into battle.
This visually mesmerizing book is a salute to our humble giants.

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A Visual Journey

A 15-year stunning collection of equestrian photography in their natural habitat from warm marsh environments to brutal snow conditions as seen below.

Life-Long Companions

loyal COMPANION celebrates the magnificent horses of our earth through never-before-seen photographs and stories inspired by their captivating strength and beauty.

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This book is dedicated to countless horse lovers throughout the world for all their efforts in saving man’s most loyal companion.

Ejaz Khan was born and raised in a family of filmmakers in India. Ejaz left India for New York in his early twenties to pursue his passion for Fashion. Today, Ejaz is a wildlife and fashion photographer in New York. He loves to bring attention to subjects that require awareness through his filmmaking and has captivated audiences with his work. His film, “Legacy,” was nominated for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. Vanishing Knowledge, his first feature film as a director, tells an emotional and inspirational true story of human resilience, and a visually captivating presentation of the Nokota horse breed. Ejaz’s wildlife photography focuses on the beauty of animals and the environmental changes they face, especially photographing endangered wildlife and horses around the world.

He borrows from the narrative techniques of film/fashion storytelling and transposes them to his animal subjects. His keen eye for motion allows him to break apart the seemingly untamable patterns of animal movement and capture striking moments that encapsulate the energy and magic of their behavior in photography and filmmaking. Khan travels the globe to create stunning images. Even in the most treacherous weather, Khan’s determination to convey a sense of the conditions that these animals endure and survive is shown in his breathtaking work.

“I have been behind the lens capturing the raw strength of these horses and their beauty should only inspire us to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.”

-Ejaz Khan

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