What is fine art photography? The goal of fine art photography is to tell a message and also to express true emotion. Decorating your home with Alaskan Peninsula grizzlies and black and white pictures of bears will bring great emotion and a message of blissful energy. With the choices of varying moods in the massive adult bears, grizzly bear pictures, and also adorable cubs, you can play with the mood you set. Selecting between different embellishments, wall hanging decor and other adornments can also be dizzying.

Simply walking into the different rooms of a home can speak volumes about the person who put them together. Their passions, struggles, stories, and also personalities are all on display through the media that decorate their living spaces. It’s no wonder that so many people employ wall art such as grizzly bear photography for just this task. Wall hanging decor is an incredibly versatile medium as it places its owner’s individual tastes at the focus of the room. Which bear picture or bear pictures for sale in our collection is your favorite?


Within moments of entering a room, your gaze is carried to the wall design. Almost immediately, the mood and also tone of the home are set. Introducing images of bears and grizzly bear photography to your space will help spark interest and also awe in any room. Each room in a house is the backdrop for different parts of our lives. They can induce very different emotions. Selecting the appropriate bear picture or grizzly bear photography to properly conduct the energy in each room can be tricky. The right choice can polish up any room and make it feel a lot more like home. So how does one go about creating the atmosphere of a room with art and selecting bear pictures for sale? Still, asking yourself what is fine art photography?


I was able to spend the feeding season in Alaska with a truly magnificent Alaskan bear and baby bears to capture grizzly bear pictures and black and white animals pictures. As a mere guest in the vast and rather welcoming range of the Alaskan coast, I was grateful to have been able to capture a brilliant bear picture. One does not feel the same energy by looking at regular bear stock photos online or for bear pictures for sale. Photographing wildlife understandably has greater challenges to overcome. From the less than comfortable elements to long waiting periods, there is much a wildlife photographer seeking grizzly bear pictures needs to be prepared for. However, the results of my efforts are definitely worth the struggles to capture these bears and black bear pictures for sale. Here you’ll find my account of witnessing the Alaskan bears and the black and white pictures of bear images that made it all worth it. At the bottom of the bear images, you will find more details about these giants, and also how climate change is affecting them.


In my travels to Alaska to photograph bear pics and take videos, I have learned about the impact Climate Change has on the salmon hunting bears. Changing migration patterns in salmon can result in bears relying more heavily on berries as a nutrient source. Warmer weather can also result in more berries suddenly being available when then bears normally had limited access to them. This reliance on both fish and berries at the same time is a shift in the bear’s normal feeding behavior. More so, these creatures have greater energy stores but limited nutrients as a result.

On the other hand, climate change is affecting the bear’s natural seasonal clocks. Their ability to know when to hibernate has been compromised as their judgment has been skewed. The usual tell tales of when it’s time to go into hibernation have been muddled by changing weather and temperature patterns. As a result, the bear’s hibernation period has been reduced to mid-winter in some cases. In some cases, certain bears never go into hibernation at all. Understandably, this unnatural response to the changing seasons affects the bear’s ability to survive the harsh elements that characterize their icy homes. Experiencing a reduced hibernation period has also been shown to result in more aggressive behavior than is normally expected.

Despite this unfortunate result of climate change, I’ve been fortunate to be able to capture images of bears and grizzly bear pictures displaying gentler behaviors.


Firstly, years form a large part of our popular culture. Many of us grew up with a particular fondness for these omnivores. We’ve adored everything from sweet honey-eating cartoon characters to scary grizzly bears to the lumbering cuteness of pandas to mysterious polar bears. The Alaskan Peninsula grizzly bears shown here are among the largest members of the family. In fact, they’re second to only the absolutely massive Kodiak bear. The Alaskan bear can grow to weigh over 1000 pounds and can also stand to be 10 feet tall. You can see how big they are in our bear pics. A distinguishing feature of these bears is the pronounced hump that appears on their shoulders. This is helpful in distinguishing them from black or brown bears who instead sport a flatter set of shoulders.

These bears famously congregate to feast on salmon runs, which provide excellent opportunities for sighting and also photography. They catch the fish as they leap through the air at the top of the falls or by scooping them out with their paws at the bottom. As a result, they are found in great numbers along the southern Alaskan coast. Additionally, they also bulk up on clams and sedge grass, which helps them grow to be so large. However, being omnivores, they actually eat more plant than animal matter. Much of their diet after fish can include berries and also grass. Which all are stored in heavy fat reserves as they prepare for hibernation.


Normally solitary, their complex social behaviors, particularly with their cubs, make for unforgettable bear photo moments. They are revered among the Alutiiq people of the region as a result like in our brown bear images.

Above all, they are a sight to behold! The sheer reality of these creatures is truly powerful on its own. This is why I love creating my bear photos in black and white simplicity. My passion for wildlife makes what is fine art photography and black and white pictures of bears the best experience in the world.


These bear images make for ideal decor for your home, office, or any living space. We have a great collection of black and white bear photography. They are available to order in a variety of sizes, print materials, and also framing options. Part of every bear pic sale is donated to conversation organizations that help preserve bears. These powerful pics of bears yet endangered omnivores are greatly affected by climate change and natural disasters. We are here to help and support the protagonists of this collection of bear photos so that they may grace the photographs of many generations to come. One of our favorite pic of the bear is the up-close picture titled PROXIMITY.


Above all, I have always believed in giving back when taking a picture of a bear. When I began to realize the real toll that climate change has taken on the animal subjects of my photos of bears, I knew I had to do something. What was even scarier was that the negative effects of climate change were just beginning to impact the natural world. If gone unchecked, it would truly destroy the beauty and harmony of the world we live in. I decided that I wanted to do my share to aid the effort to conserve species being affected by global warming. The best way for me to do this was by giving back. Supporting conservation groups and also organizations that fight to protect the grizzly bear and their cub.


As a fashion photographer, I pay the models in my editorial photos. In wildlife, I can not pay the animals in my collections. If it were possible to compensate the subjects in my black and white bear photography, I would. However, I did find a way to pay them back. I developed relationships with conservation organizations. Wolf Conservation Center, and also World Animal Protection are organizations doing the important work of fighting for the conservation of animals and their natural environments. A percentage of all sales of these Alaskan bear images and also our entire wildlife collection is donated to these organizations.

Any image of bear purchase you make from Ejaz Khan Earth, not only adds an inspiring image of these beautiful creatures to your collection but also helps conserve their species. Ask us for a price inquiry for your favorite grizzly bear pics.


Find the perfect Bear photos and pictures from Ejaz Khan Earth. Select from premium Bear pictures of the highest quality. If you would like to bring one striking picture of a bear home feel free to CONTACT US. Order from our black and white bear photo collection. You will not get the same feeling with ordinary bear stock photos.


View our SHORT FILM on photographing the Alaskan Bear images and also the beautiful landscapes.


They say that art imitates life. But sometimes… art captures life. My fine art animal photos capture majestic creatures in their native habitat — at play, at rest, and also on the prowl. Always in their natural home, free and also at peace. Not only are these iconic black and white wildlife images stunning in their own right, but they make for incredible wall art for living room or office. Especially for bear image lovers.

My subjects run the gamut. I’ve captured the beauty of the arctic wolf, the grace of the mountain lion, the majesty of the bald eagle, and also the playful intelligence of south Indian monkeys. My contemporary art photography will make for a breathtaking addition to your decor! Our cute baby bear pictures are quite the popular prints for kid’s rooms and nurseries. In today’s smartphone world, professional photography stands apart from “point and shoot” photos. Contemporary photography is both an art and also a science and I’ve devoted my life to the pursuit and also the perfection of both. I hope you’ll also enjoy these stunning images as you browse our site.



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*A percentage of proceeds from Ejaz Khan Earth’s exhibits and sales goes to foundations that support the awareness and conservation of wildlife.

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